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Reasons to Use a Travel Agent Instead of the Internet

Posted on 10 October 2017 by admin (0)

The internet places virtually all the information you need on the palm of your hand. When traveling to a distant place, it’s easy to conduct research online, book a flight, and services that you will need at your destination from any location, any time. But, does this mean you no longer need a travel agent when traveling? The answer is NO. Although using a travel agent may seem old-school in the digital era, it’s still important.

Here are some of the reasons to use a travel agent instead of the internet:

Travel agents know when you get a better deal

You most probably book domestic flights most of the time. That means you may not know the best price of an international flight. However, a travel agent books many international flights every day. As such, they know whether the price that a website quotes is reasonable or not and guide you accordingly.

A travel agent knows the best place to go in a city

When you land in a foreign city for the first time, you may not know where to go. However, a travel agent knows the best hotel, restaurant, or dive bars. It might also have a contact person in your destination. Thus, you find getting around easier when you book a trip with a travel agent.

A travel agent has your back in case of flight cancellation or delay

If your flight gets cancelled or delayed, you can’t call a website to have it rebooked. Even if your call goes through, the person that answers it might not know you. However, when you call a travel agent, you have a flight rebooked right away.

Better overall treatment

The best travel agents give their clients VIP treatments at no extra cost. That’s because they know that when you get a great experience, you will become their marketing ambassador. Therefore, they make sure that every client is satisfied throughout the trip. Essentially, a travel agent provides a personalized touch that you can’t get from a travel website.

Basically, these are the major reasons to use a travel agent instead of the internet. Consider them when planning your next trip to make a more informed decision.