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Solo Women Travelers Tips

Posted on 23 December 2017 by admin (0)

Young woman with backpack taking photo of a great landscape

Solo Women Travelers Tips

Thousands of women, old and young, travel solo every year. You can also travel alone this year by following these solo women travelers’ tips. You just need to know what feels good for you and exercise caution. Focus on making your solo travel enjoyable, smoother, and safer.

Here are basic solo travel trips for women to follow:

Be well prepared and self-reliant

Make sure that you won’t depend on anybody for anything while traveling alone. Walk you’re your head up and make sure that you know your destination. Know the person to ask direction from if you land in an unfriendly environment or neighborhood. If you decide to use an ATM, withdraw money along a busy street during the day.

Be proactive

Before you set off, consider visiting the bus or train station that you will use. This will enable you to know its location and the duration that you will take to get there. Find out whether it’s safe and the services that are available there. Additionally, reconfirm the departure time and if you plan to leave at night, ask the B&B owner whether it’s okay to hang out in their breakfast room or lounge. If you plan to take a train, don’t sleep in an empty compartment. Sharing a compartment is safer than using it alone.

Learn to deal with men

Men in small towns tend to speak fluent English than women. That means if you don’t speak to men, you might miss out the opportunities to learn more about your destination. Therefore, don’t be afraid to speak to men. Nevertheless, choose the men to speak to carefully and the right setting to hold a conversation.

Generally, following these solo women travelers’ tips and using your common sense to make reasonable decisions, will enable you to get an awesome travel experience. What’s more, be confident in yourself as well as your ability to travel alone. That way, you will have a great travel experience and amazing stories to share with loved ones after the trip.