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Useful Guidelines for Traveling with Your Dog

Posted on 05 June 2019 by admin (0)

Dogs are an important part of our families and, it is not a bad idea to want to come with them on a trip. In fact, adding your dog to the adventure could make it more exciting. However, you must make the necessary preparations to enjoy a trip in the company of your dog. Below are useful guidelines for traveling with your dog.

Check the Health of the Dog

Health checks are mandatory if you are planning to travel with your dog. Bring the dog to veterinarian to ensure the vaccinations are valid among other health concerns. The veterinarian will issue certification, which you are required to send to the airline carrier 10 days before the trip.

Get a Suitable Crate

Crates are usually the best for traveling by air and car. Crates can be acquired from pet stores but, you should be keen to buy one that is spacious enough to accommodate the dog, leak proof, durable and has proper ventilation. To avoid surprises at the airport, check with your airline about their regulations on the size and types of crates allowed.

Pack Some Food and Water

To keep your dog healthy and happy during the trip, adequate food and water is essential. If you are sure you can find the dog’s regular food on the way, it could save you from the burden of packing them. In case you are not sure, it is best to simply pack them before leaving home.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Not all hotels allow patrons with pets into their premises. Some may also allow but, with strict restrictions. Therefore, you should do a little research about the hotels in your destination to find one that can accommodate you and the dog before traveling.

Unlike most pets, dogs can travel by road, sea and air, which make them quite flexible and fun. However, the success of your trip will mainly rely on how well you plan it.